100K Blueprint 4.0 Review

100K Blueprint 4.0 Review


People who desire to make money online must have come across the 100K Blueprint by Dan Dasilva. If you are among those individuals, today, we will review the course and its author/writer to help you out. The 100K Blueprint 4.0 review will allow you to look into the hype and make a smart decision regarding you should purchase the course or not.

At present, people are waiting for the 100K Blueprint 4.0 version about to be released in a couple of months. Once it is released, we’ll get to the thorough version of 100K Blueprint 4.0 Review as well. Till then, let’s explore how it can be beneficial for the people who want to become successful.

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100K Blueprint 4.0

Who is Dan Dasilva?

Before we jump right to the review, we must learn about the author’s background. Dan Dasilva became a successful dropshipper with his hard work and enthusiasm to make more money.

The 100K Blueprint 4.0 Course added a great deal of value in his work. Now, he has more than 130k followers over YouTube, earning him more popularity than ever. The course includes the research work, asset creation, business growth, and repeating the same until your dreams come true.

He makes the remark stating that his course is the only online course that explains every aspect of business growth with significant details; however, viewers are skeptical about it. Accounting all the factors, there is one thing that can’t be ignored, which is Dan Dasilva’s fanbase.

For a person who comes from an unstable financial background, he has earned riches beyond a regular person’s expectations. His videos offer mainly focus on basic training for branding top dropshipping products and things, a dropshipper should take care of. So, let’s dig deeper into what he and his courses have to offer.

100k Blueprint 4.0 Review

Launched several times, the current version of 100K Blueprint available online is its 4.0 version. The course consists of a 12-week program that provides insight on Dropshipping Business and how to start a store quickly. As you go through the course, you might find it quite similar to other courses over the internet. Still, the course has a lot to offer.

The 100K Blueprint course is for an individual who wants to build a Dropshipping Store and make a fortune out of it.

Breakdown of 12-Week Course of 100k Blueprint

The course will unfold itself through the weeks step-by-step. You can’t skip to the end as the next chapter will get unlocked only after the earlier week is over. Every topic has several videos around 10 to 40, with dedicated content relevant to the topic. As long as you have enough time to learn and implement the teachings in real life, it’ll be easy for you to become a successful entrepreneur.

It is apparent that in 100K Blueprint Review, we also pin-down the 12-week course highlights-

  • Week 1- 7-figure Business Model Outline.
  • Week 2- Ways to Increase Profits.
  • Week 3- Dropshipping Techniques via Facebook.
  • Week 4- Utilize Information Gained Through Influencers & Expand Your Reach.
  • Week 5- Learn How to Use Linear Funnels.
  • Week 6- Achieving $100k Target For Your Business & Automating It.
  • Week 7- Build An Efficient Team To Run The Business.
  • Week 8- Tap On Unexplored Business Opportunities & Find New Sources.
  • Week 9- Post Sale Operations & Additional Activities.
  • Week 10- Link Bing With Shopify & Find New Products.
  • Week 11- Introduction To Sales Strategies, Subscription Models, and Pricing.
  • Week 12- Case Studies & Workshops.

As you can see, the 12-weeks cover the essential key points in establishing a business. As you proceed with the course, the videos become longer and more informative.

Bonuses with The Course

It won’t be fair if we don’t highlight the bonuses of the course in this 100K Blueprint Review. The course provides two additional modules, which are titled Bonus & Weekly Workshop. Along with this, there are several other bonuses that you get for free with 100k Blueprint.

  • Dan Dasilva’s Live Coaching Calls for 10 weeks.
  • 20 Ad-Creatives.
  • Access to Dan Dasilva’s Private Email.
  • A Product Research/Lockup Tool known as Profit Machine.
  • Free Access to a $2000 video that describes how to make $100K in 30 days.
  • Secret Emails To Assist You In Making 200% Profit.
  • Case Studies of Ads that Revolutionized the International Market.
100K Blueprint 4.0 Review

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Does 100K Blueprint 4.0 works?

Despite its higher price of $2000, we’ve seen a good number of students enrolling in the program and doing exceptionally well. Dan recently shared some of the testimonials from students shared on his group.  

Let’s just take a look at the screenshots shared by students. (Click on the image to enlarge)

In most of the pictures shared, it seems Dan’s 100K Blueprint 4.0 is really worth enrolling, as most of the students have crossed the $100K revenue mark in 30 days straight.

Let’s see some video testimonials as well!

It’s evident that the students who have enrolled in the 100K Blueprint 4.0 Training Program have generated some impressive revenues. We believe it’s a powerful dropshipping program and is really capable to generate income and profits.

How much it costs?

The course will cost you $1997, which might seem expensive. Most people find the information provided through the course useful. However, if you don’t feel like the content is up to par, then you need to act fast to get a refund. There is only a 30-day refund policy that can help to get your money back.

Is there a discount on 100K Blueprint 4.0 Course?

Dan may offer some discount on the new 100K Blueprint 4.0 Masters edition but it’s not clear as yet. You can check the below link to see any available discount. Also, you can leave your email address to receive discount offers on this course.

100K Blueprint 4.0 (Masters Edition) Discount

What we like and didn't


  • 100K Blueprint serves as a complete guide on dropshipping as promised.
  • Offers significant bonuses and benefits to the 4.0 version users.
  • Access to a private fulfillment center to overcome issues that are usually faced by dropshippers during the start-up phase.


  • Modules unlock weekly which means you have to wait even if you’ve finished one module.
  • The course fails to describe the utilization of social media platforms with the business, which is a crucial aspect of today’s world.
  • It is the older version users who are at a disadvantage here as they won’t have to the free bonuses that a 4.0 user will get.


In this 100K Blueprint Review, we discussed the highlights, pros and cons of the course. There is no doubt that a successful businessman can offer you a lot on dropshipping. And the 100K Blueprint 4.0 provides a lot more to the people willing to start a business and make big in the financial aspect.

Even though Dasilva is an accomplished entrepreneur, that doesn’t mean that everyone will be influenced by his ideologies. So, the final judgment is up to you whether you like to invest $2000 for this guide or not.